MrBitcoin October 22, 2018

If blockchain-based identity platform Civic is to go mainstream, then making it simple for as many businesses and consumers as possible to start using its app will be key. “Consumer adoption may take a while. Hopefully we have a hit that takes off,” Vinny Lingham, CEO and founder at Civic, said on stage at Money […]

MrBitcoin October 22, 2018

Is this a case of chicken and egg? If more retailers accepted Bitcoin, would more employees expect their wages paid in Bitcoin? Or, does Bitcoin need to be viewed more widely as a replacement for fiat first? A recent tweet by Francis Pouliot, CEO of Canadian Bitcoin (BTC) 00 payments startup Bylls began a discussion […]

MrBitcoin October 21, 2018

Key Points Bitcoin price declined recently and tested the $6,350 support level against the US Dollar. There was a break above a connecting bearish trend line with resistance at $6,410 on the 4-hours chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair is facing a solid resistance near the $6,480 and $6,500 levels. […]