MrBitcoin July 14, 2019

A drafted bill entitled “Keep Big Tech out of Finance” has surfaced online, allegedly deriving from within the United States House of Representatives Financial Services Committee. The document’s metadata dates it July 12. The bill’s provenance is unconfirmed, but crypto news site The Block quotes an inside source as saying it is with the Financial […]

MrBitcoin July 13, 2019

Remember the ubiquitous public pay phones? Not so long ago, you could find them at every street corner and they allowed anybody to either make inexpensive calls or receive important messages in desperate situations. They were private in the sense that they required no identification, they offered a neutral degree of safety by virtue of […]

MrBitcoin July 12, 2019

Gas companies in Canada are utilizing trapped natural gas otherwise flared to the atmosphere for bitcoin mining, creating a useful application for illiquid energy. Why Flare When You Can Mine Bitcoin Canadian gas companies in Alberta are developing means of utilizing natural gas to power bitcoin mining farms. This revelation is according to Francis Pouliot […]