MrBitcoin February 9, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies have been compared to FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) companies due to their network effects, as reported by Cointelegraph. The rationale that the increase in people using a platform makes its value increase exponentially — as it happens with Facebook or the App Store — is applied to […]

MrBitcoin December 29, 2019

Coinbase noted that it might be forced to drop DApp browsing functionality from its mobile wallet to abide by Apple’s guidelines. After Google removed Ethereum-based decentralized application (DApp) browser MetaMask from its Android application store, Apple may now force Coinbase to remove the DApp browser feature from its crypto wallet application. According to a Reddit […]

MrBitcoin November 28, 2019

Major cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced in a blog post on Nov. 28 that it partnered with crypto travel startup TravelByBit to launch a rewards card that facilitates crypto payments on major travel websites. Per the announcement, the card will function like a traditional prepaid card with access to additional discounts and rewards that users will […]

MrBitcoin November 8, 2019

Electric Coin Company (ECC) has donated the Zcash trademark to the Zcash Foundation. ECC created and launched the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) in 2016, and will now own the trademark bilaterally with the corresponding foundation. ECC and the Zcash Foundation have been in negotiations since August Upon an agreement signed on Nov. 6, the Zcash […]

MrBitcoin November 2, 2019

Ethereum development firm CasperLabs announced “Highway,” allegedly the first correct-by-construction Casper Proof of Stake (PoS) implementation that is provably live and safe. Provably safe and live According to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on Nov. 1, a protocol is safe if it is consistent in its decision and live if it guarantees a decision. […]

MrBitcoin October 14, 2019

Litecoin (LTC) and other alts are becoming increasingly prevalent among crypto “sextortionists” since they allow to avoid detection more easily, a new research says. According to cybersecurity firm Cofense’s new report published on Oct. 8, malicious actors are gradually starting to shift their focus from Bitcoin (BTC) to specifically avoid detection by specialized email filters. […]

MrBitcoin October 3, 2019

Patrick Harker, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, is confident that central bank digital currencies are inevitable. As Reuters reported on Oct. 2, Harker expressed the idea that central banks — including the Federal Reserve — will inevitably release digital currencies.  Still, Harker believes that the United States should not lead the way, […]

MrBitcoin September 14, 2019

A hacker spent $1,000 in EOS to steal more than $110,000 in cryptocurrency through an exploit of EOS gambling game EOSPlay. Biggest DeFi service EOS REX used An alleged bug in EOSPlay allowed the attacker to steal 30,000 EOS via using EOS REX, a major decentralized financial (DeFi) service enabling EOS lending in exchange for […]

MrBitcoin August 26, 2019

Bitcoin (BTC) price temporarily passed $10,500 on Aug. 26 as the largest cryptocurrency started the week in a bullish mood.  Market visualization. Source: Coin360 Data: blame margin traders for Bitcoin price volatility Data from Coin360 revealed an abrupt change from sideways trading over the weekend, Bitcoin gaining hundreds of dollars in minutes on Monday.  Having […]