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MrBitcoin May 9, 2020

Since the $3,700 lows, Bitcoin has roared higher, crossing above resistance after resistance in succession. Just recently, BTC tapped $10,000. Although impressive, a top analyst expects for the cryptocurrency to head even higher, citing three “solid” tailwinds for this market. Bitcoin’s Macro Tailwinds Are Growing There’s a confluence of four fundamental factors that indicate Bitcoin’s […]

MrBitcoin April 19, 2020

Bitcoin investors haven’t done too well over the past two months. Despite the near 100% recovery from the $3,700 lows seen on March 12th, the cryptocurrency remains more than 30% below the 2020 highs near $10,500. Fortunately, multiple sets of data and other signs indicate that a full-blown Bitcoin bull run is on the verge […]

MrBitcoin April 18, 2020

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust shares (GBTC) are currently trading at $7.49 per share, a 15.81% premium of Bitcoin. GBTC is the first publicly quoted security “solely invested in and deriving value from” Bitcoin and since listing it has been known to trade at a high premium, having hit a 2020 high of 41.42% on Feb. 18. […]

MrBitcoin April 6, 2020

The debate over Bitcoin’s market strength continues, yet one analyst has released data indicating that investment in the flagship cryptocurrency has been considerably more substantial than previously thought. If true, it indicates that Bitcoin’s price could soon rise dramatically. MILLIONS ADDED TO THE BITCOIN MARKET EACH DAY PlanB has made several observations recently, most notably […]

MrBitcoin April 5, 2020

As the weekend began Bitcoin (BTC) price traded in a relatively tight range after making a second attempt at $7,000 on April 4. The digital asset surged to $6,988 before pulling back to the $6,800 range for the remainder of the day.  As Bitcoin spent Saturday trading sideways, the majority of the top-ten altcoins posted […]

MrBitcoin March 27, 2020

With market data showing a range of conflicting signals, one analyst has now made a bold prediction that Bitcoin will soon see its largest price collapse in over a year. Whereas investors should consider all possibilities, such a bold assumption is certain to be controversial. PREDICTION BASED ON CHART PATTERN BREAKDOWN This claim of a […]

MrBitcoin March 15, 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) hodlers deserve a pat on the back for making it through this last week, as BTC witnessed its largest sell-off in history, in terms of USD value, causing the leading digital asset to shed $70bn of its market cap in a single 24-hour period. I shudder to think about the fortunes that were […]