MrBitcoin June 29, 2020

The number of Bitcoin that has not moved in over 12 months achieved a new all-time high. The statistic indicates investors are confident in the long-term trend of BTC. Dan Held, who leads business development at a top U.S. Bitcoin exchange Kraken, said: “61% of Bitcoin hasn’t moved in over a year. That’s an all-time […]

MrBitcoin February 14, 2020

Bitcoin was struggling to resume its explosive upside action on Friday as it felt the pressure from a so-called China FUD level. The offbeat cryptocurrency earlier this week plunged by more than 4.5 percent right after it established a new year-to-date high above $10,500. The move served as a reminiscent of a similar climb-and-rebound from […]

MrBitcoin February 6, 2020

A recent rally across all the major crypto assets is hinting the beginning of what could be an overlong bull cycle, says Satoshi Flipper. The top crypto analyst asserted in a tweet published on Thursday that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may stay in an uptrend for the next years. He explained that bull runs in […]

MrBitcoin February 3, 2020

Bitcoin got a Twitter emoji but it is Ethereum that is doing better as the market enters February 2020. The second-largest blockchain asset by market valuation was up by 51.75 percent on a year-to-date basis as of 0100 UTC, Tuesday. In comparison, leading cryptocurrency bitcoin underperformed by rising a dwarfed 34.81 percent, according to data […]

MrBitcoin February 1, 2020

Litecoin was trending higher on Saturday against an otherwise bearish intraday narrative in the overall cryptocurrency market. The seventh-largest crypto by market cap closed above its seven-week high to hit $72.72. The strong move upward brought Litecoin’s intraday rise to more than 6 percent. At the same time, its gains this week notched up to […]

MrBitcoin August 2, 2019

Tezos (XTZ) is proving to be a better near-term investment than bitcoin this week. The altcoin, accompanied by favorable fundamentals, has surged by 44 percent in the last four days as it looks to close the week at an even higher rate. As of 12:29 UTC, the XTZ/USD instrument was trading at 1.452, up 3.71 […]