MrBitcoin May 29, 2019

Mainstream media was abuzz last week with the news that Facebook has plans to launch its own digital token, ‘GlobalCoin’. This highlights the ignorance that big news outlets have, as Facebook really is ill-suited to have anything close to what we consider cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency by nature is a mathematically secure, disruptive peer to peer technology […]

MrBitcoin May 15, 2019

Bitcoin economist, Tuur Demeester, explains why the idea of a ‘Central Bank’ of Bitcoin would create more problems than it would solve.   Bitcoin Exchanges Similar To Early US Banking System In the wake of the Binance hack and Bitfinex/Tether debacle, are crypto exchanges becoming ‘too big to bail’? And if so, should we be […]

MrBitcoin May 4, 2019

While the Crypto Winter may be lingering with us into the spring, crypto exchanges are doing just fine. According to CoinMarketCap, there are now 255 major crypto exchanges. That’s a notable increase from a year ago, when there were 208. A booming exchange industry sounds like a positive, but we can do with fewer exchanges […]

MrBitcoin April 18, 2019

Bitcoin itself is already ‘real estate’ on the blockchain by quickly emerging as the first ‘digital property’ for an increasingly digital world. Bitcoin is ‘The Most Interesting Property’ Forget real estate on-the-blockchain.” Bitcoin already is. In fact, it’s the “most interesting property in the world,” writes General Partner at Blockchain Capital, Spencer Bogart. Looking closer, […]

MrBitcoin March 16, 2019

Bitcoin remains in its tightly coiled range as the market continues its sideways trend for the third week in a row. While macro support has been tested three times recently, we have yet to test the overhanging macro resistance: Figure 1: BTC-USD, Daily Candles, Narrow Range The blue zone outlined above shows a very strong […]

MrBitcoin March 3, 2019

There are many keywords in blockchain, but few spark as much emotion as “decentralization.” For many of us, it was the dream of decentralization that inspired us to embark into the industry in the first place — the driving force encouraging us to explore the many industries and practice areas that could be positively impacted […]

MrBitcoin November 16, 2018

Despite Bitcoin Cash ABC looking like it will win the BCash civil war with notable support from  John McAfee and Bitstamp, the ugliness of the sideshow could actually have a bullish impact on Bitcoin (BTC) price.  Pledge of Allegiance Yesterday, John McAfee came across as if he had just binge-watched several ‘Game of Thrones’ box-sets […]