MrBitcoin September 10, 2019

With confirmation that the proposed crypto lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett is still on, it remains to be seen whether U.S. President Donald Trump will accept Justin Sun’s invite. Save Trump a Seat Back in mid-July, President Trump put cryptocurrency as the focus of his daily tweetstorm. In response, Sun — the Tron CEO, invited […]

MrBitcoin July 31, 2019

Bitcoin remains outside the top ten cryptocurrencies according to the Chinese government, which produced fresh industry rankings July 31. CCID: Bitcoin Not A Top 10 Cryptocurrency According to the latest instalment of the rankings, which the CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China publishes regularly, Bitcoin came in 11th […]

MrBitcoin July 8, 2019

The Tron office in Beijing has been surrounded by police as a crowd gathered to protest against a Chinese ponzi scheme that went under a Tron-like name, Twitter personality Crypto Authority reports on July 8. Videos with crowds surrounded by police officers in the Tron’s office have spread over Twitter, with people apparently coming to […]

MrBitcoin July 3, 2019

Tron (TRX) flat-lining, stable at 3.1 cents BitTorrent Speed launching on July 8. Tron’s dApp ecosystem is growing, reaching 500, which is a milestone. Meanwhile, the BitTorrent test net is live, and the launching of BitTorrent Speed is significant for Tron and BTT owners. Tron Price Analysis Fundamentals Boasting of superior throughput and scalability, Justin […]

MrBitcoin June 19, 2019

Odyssey, the mainnet for the blockchain-based platform TRON, will be upgraded to version 3.6 soon, according to an official blog post by the TRON Foundation on June 18. The TRON network aims to be a platform for creating entertainment-focused decentralized applications (DApps). As stated in the post, developers can create DApps on both the TRON […]

MrBitcoin April 23, 2019

Tron (TRX) prices stable at 2.5 cents Critics claim Tron cannot scale and SUN side chains is a cover for that deficiency By default, Tron claims to be scalable with high throughput. However, critics are back arguing that the SUN Network is a cover for the network’s inability to scale and handle BitTorrent’s requirements. In […]

MrBitcoin March 30, 2019

The Ethereum network is  losing ground as developers switch to other projects, various experts told Bloomberg on March 28. Ethereum, which debuted in 2015, initially provided a platform on which developers could build decentralized apps (DApps), conduct initial coin offerings (ICOs) and write smart contracts. Many saw it as being the successor to Bitcoin (BTC). […]

MrBitcoin January 29, 2019

Tron price expand 5.7 percent, reject lower lows Binance announce successful BTT crowdfunding Market participation rebound, high highs should be propelled by above average volumes The BTT token sale was a success, and in 18 minutes, 60 million BTT were sold. It was a success, and now TRX prices are recovering, snapping back to trend […]