Weiss ratings

MrBitcoin July 10, 2019

Bitcoin is currently ranked top by Weiss Ratings with a grade of A–, making it the most technologically and economically advanced of all the cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Attains Top Grade on Latest Weiss Rating for Crypto On the Weiss crypto website, bitcoin currently holds the top spot with an A– grade. This latest grade marks BTC’s […]

MrBitcoin July 9, 2019

Cardano (ADA) slides 4.8 percent Weiss Ratings endorsement is bullish For fronting quality and research, Weiss Ratings is confident of Cardano. On several occasions, the rating firm has expressed their optimism of ADA future and Cardano’s path towards becoming a leading dApp platform. Presently, ADA is down 4.8 percent. Cardano Price Analysis Fundamentals Behind Cardano […]

MrBitcoin June 10, 2019

When Bitcoin was first brought to the table, it was a revolution in crypto and programming. Satoshi Nakamoto proposed the first digital asset that was decentralized, codable, and not tied to any traditional asset. Since then, many entrepreneurs and technologists have tried to use Satoshi’s concepts to build new products. While many altcoins are spiritual […]